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PostSubject: Application Form   Application Form Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 5:11 am

This is the <Channel Four Newsteam> application form. Please be advised that if you deviate from the form you will likely not be recruited. Thank you.
<Channel Four Newsteam> offers:
• Social and enjoyable gameplay
• Core focus on succeeding in the end-game instances
• A stable and comfortable guild, with a long track-record.
• A nice and friendly atmosphere. But discipline during raids.
• We strive to create a culture of desire on boss kills and progress instead of loot, in a laid back raiding

What we absolutely do not want?

• Drama queens
• Whiners
• Naysayers
• Loot whores
• Main switchers
• Guild hoppers

We have no intention of becoming an über sized guild, as the power comes from the members and not numbers. We are more in search of people fitting the mentality and game style of the guild. Therefore we also have a 4 weeks Initiate phase for all new members. This works for both parties, you see if you like us, and we see if you fit into our community. The initiate phase can be terminated from either side, at anytime in this phase.

What happens after I fill in the form?

1) An officer will verify and approve your application.
2) You might be invited to the guild, in a 4 weeks/1 month Initiate phase. Do not expect to get an answer immediately - you will be contacted in-game by an officer if your application is voted in by the officers.
3) During the initiate phase you will be expected to be part of /or available for the guild to the raids, as this is the main reason you are invited.
4) After the Initiate phase - the officers will have a poll regarding your membership being promoted.

If you still feel this is something for you then reply to this thread or send it as PM to one of the officers (Bakula, Uncleeggman/Exael or Misseggman/Boomsheeka with the following information:

Your name:
How old are you in real life:
Where do you live:
At what times are you usually online:

Character’s Name:
Class / Race:
Current Level:
List your Alts:
Tradeskills (including First Aid) & their skill level:

Can you raid minimum 3 days a week (preferably more) from 19:30 until 23:30 (Sometimes past raid over time)?:
Will you be active reading and using our forums?:
Friend’s in Channel Four News Team:
Your raiding experience, both post and pre-TBC :
Do you have a stable internet connection?:

Guild History (and why you left them):
Why do you wish to Join Channel Four News Team?:
How did you find/hear about Channel Four News Team?:
You understand that when joining Channel Four News Team we expect you to be available as a resource for the guild?:
Are you currently applying for other guilds than Channel Four News Team?

Talent Build and reason for that build: (Pref WoW Talent Calc link)
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Application Form
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