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 Professor Putricide Strategy

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PostSubject: Professor Putricide Strategy   Professor Putricide Strategy Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2010 9:55 pm

Professor Putricide Strategy

Choking Gas Bomb - Professor Putricide throws Gas Bombs around him, the Gas Bomb deals
12345s1 damage every 12345t1 sec and explodes for 0 damage after 12345d
Choking Gas - The Choking Gas inflicts 4388 to 4612 damage and causes you to choke, reducing your chance to hit by 75% for 10 sec.
Choking Gas Explosion - The explosion inflicts 10725 to 11275 damage to enemies within 10
yards, knocking them back and reducing their chance to hit by 75% for
10 sec.
Create Concoction - Professor Putricide is rifling through the lab table, searching for a powerful potion!
Expunged Gas - The Gas Cloud's attack has expunged all of the gas from the target!
Expunged Gas inflicts damage to all enemies based on the number of
Gaseous Blight stacks that were remaining on the target when they were
Gaseous Bloat - Inflicts 1463 to 1537 damage every 2 sec and if the Gas Cloud hits you
it will expunge all of the remaining Gaseous Bloat and harm all nearby
allies. Stacks 10 times.
Gas Variable - You have the Gas Variable! You will be targeted with things that also have the Gas trait
Guzzle Potions - Professor Putricide starts to drink every potion on the table!
Puddle of Slime - The Mutated Slime grows continuously, inflicting 4388 to 4612 damage
every 1 sec until it is consumed by another Mutated creature!
Mutated Transformation - You have been mutated! Inflicts 1950 to 2050 damage to nearby players
every 1 sec. Curing the disease will revert the player to their form.
This spell turns you into a Mutated Abomination.
Ooze Variable - You have the Ooze Variable! You will be targeted with things that also have the Ooze trait.
Plague Sickness - Increases damage taken from Unbound Plague by 100%. Stacks 10 times
Unbound Plague - Inflicts damage every 1 sec, the damage is increased every second the
Blight remains on you! If you get too near to a friendly target, you
will transfer the Plague from you to them. Damage starts at 200.
Unstable Experiment - Professor Putricide begins to peform a wicked experiment on you all!
Volatile Ooze:

Ooze Eruption - Inflicts 39000 to 41000 damage sharesd with nearby targets, knocking them back in all directions!
Volatile Ooze Adhesive - The Volatile Ooze Adhesive bonds the target to the Volatile Ooze,
inflicting 2438 to 2562 damage every 1 sec and rooting the target. The
Volatile Ooze will move towards the target, exploding for 39000 to
41000 damage, split among all nearby targets

The Fight:

This fight was never really tested on PTR so there's a lot of unknowns. Well it was tested for 1 day, but massively bugged so this is all the info people got out of it...

Mutated Transformation is gained from drinking a potion on the table. They turn you into an abomination, and the raid will take 4.5K damage per 2 sec. But in turn they will aid the fight with...

Eat Ooze, which consumes the various slime pools that are dropped
Regurgitate Ooze, which will slow targets by 50%, will be key to kiting things
Mutated Slash, which increases physical damage taken by 4% for 20 sec stacks to 5
That's what they have to do, basically in that order.

There will be Gas Clouds that chase random targeted player, who would have a 10 stack of Gaseous Bloat on them. Every 2 seconds, it'll do the damage and drop off a stack. When the Gas Cloud catches up, you explode, the more stacks you still have the higher the damage. So, one, run the fuck away and try to drop off the stacks. Two, the Abomination should try to slow the Gas Cloud down. Three, Ranged DPS try burn the Gas Cloud down before he can even reach the target.

There will be Volatile Oozes that target a random player, roots them in place and slowly goes to him. When he reaches the target, it will explode for 40K, but split among all hit within 10 yards. So one, Abomination slow this one down. Two, group up around the target if convenient to split the damage. Three, melee dps should try to burn it down, if failed, they're at least all near the target by the time it reaches so they can all split the damage. Ranged dps can help out too if they finish off their Gas Clouds. Also if failed to burn it down, the ooze will randomly select a new target so regroup.

Once all that is taken care of, you can play with Putricide. Or maybe it's more of a split raid thing, like M'uru/Deathwhisper, with some on boss, some kill adds, etc.

But anyways, Putricide himself mostly does things that you just have to run away from. Choking Gas, don't stand in them. Expanding Ooze, what the abominations must eat up, don't stand in them. Malleable Goo, another Shadow Crash thing, so don't stand under the area they're gonna hit.

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Professor Putricide Strategy
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