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 Elitist Group - Addon

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PostSubject: Elitist Group - Addon   Elitist Group - Addon Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 9:40 pm

I think I may use this add-on to create a list of people in game to pull from. I suggest all leadership do this as well.

Elitist Group
Today's addon is a good way to build raid PUGs (raid weekly quests, I love you so much) without wasting too much time inspecting everyone to make sure that they're not terrible. Once again the original description is just fine and I'll steal it!

•Download Elitist Group

Elitist Group's goal is to shift focus away from single scores that don't tell you anything about the users choice of gear. Instead of a single score you'll see a variety of information from experience in different tiers of dungeons and raids, to if their choice of equipment, enchants or gems matches their spec.

Slash command: /elitistgroup (/eg) use /elitistgroup help for a list of slash commands.

Items are categorized based on their stats. Spell power is a caster item, hit is DPS, Strength is for melee dps and so on. You can see what type of item the person is wearing, as well as if it's valid for their spec. If your Holy Paladin is wearing block gear, it will flag that they are wearing gear intended for tanks. However, if they were a Protection Paladin it will allow it.

While items will be categorized into their spec type, EG will also tell you if somebody is missing a gem or they are using green gems in epic gear.

Dungeon experience
Quickly see how experienced someone is through their achievements and stats. Everything is broken down by tier, 5 man, 10 man, 25 man and normal vs heroic. For raids, experienced is roughly 3 clears and for 5 mans it's around 6 (combined runs, not 6 of each 5 man). The scoring is setup to reward full clears. Somebody who has done the first 4 bosses in 25-man Trial of the Crusader but never clears it will have to do more runs to be considered experience than someone who clears the entire instance.

Some achievements are also factored into the score to make it easier to be considered experienced. A Tribute to Insanity or The Immortal can count for an entire full clear. Even doing 25-man Ulduar hard modes will increase your 25-man Ulduar normal mode experience.

For both 5-mans and raids, a summary window is provided through /eg summary. Allowing you to quickly see party members talents and a quick pass/no pass for all of their gear, enchants and gems.

Item level
Item levels are used to give you an idea of where gear is from, as well as the players general gear quality. It is not the sole (or even the primary) stat shown. Items have quality modifiers to stop 200 blues being worth the same as 200 epics: 100% epic, 95% blue, 90% green, 60% white, 50% grey. Heirlooms are considered 187 item level blues at 80 (~2.22 item level/player level)

Suggested dungeons are lowest item level dropped with a 89% modifier for 5-mans, 90% modifier for normal 10 and 25 mans, 91% modifier for heroic/hard mode 10 and 25 mans.

Player notes
Finished a dungeon, was your tank amazing? Player notes will let you rate him 1 - 5 as well as make a note for future reference, or for other people who group with him. You can leave one note per person, with your most recent note overwriting any old ones.

Addon communication
All notes, player data can be synced. You will only send your notes, and people can only request your gear data. This makes sure that there is less potential for people to mess up your database of players and corrupt it.

Communications can be completely disabled, or you can choose to not listen to communications from certain channels to restrict who is allowed to request data. No communications are sent while in combat, they will be queued and processed gradually to prevent any noticeable effect on gameplay.
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Elitist Group - Addon
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