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 PvP Teams!!!

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PvP Teams!!! Empty
PostSubject: PvP Teams!!!   PvP Teams!!! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 4:09 am

Hey guys, time to do something a little different. I'm talkin about molesting other fellow Azerothians in the Arenas!

Im currently lookin for a 5s Team. Rusty, Vert and I are doing pretty well in our first 3s attempt - 9-13
Blorbead and i are manhandling one set of 2s while Rusty and I are hitting the Learning curve n our 2s.

I was looking for folks who would be interested in a 5s. I had an idea to piss of the opposition... 5 pally tanks for 5s, 2 ret specced in prot gear, one holy in prot gear and 2 prots... If anyone is interested, let me know!
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PvP Teams!!!
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