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 Rotface Strategy

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PostSubject: Rotface Strategy   Rotface Strategy Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2010 9:51 pm


10 Man: 8.645M

Slime Spray - Raining Green Ooze. Deals 5363 to 5637 Nature to enemies in cone. 1.5 sec cast / Channeled - Deals 6338 to 6662 Nature damage to enemies in a cone infront of the enemy. Instant
Ooze Flood - The Ooze Flood inflicts 5363 to 5637 damage every 1 sec and reduces move speed by 25% for 5 sec..

Mutated Infection - The Mutated Infection inflicts 3900 to 4100 damage every 1 sec and reduces healing receieved by 50% for 12 sec. After the Infection is removed a small ooze is created at the target's location. Instant
Little Ooze: Spawned each time Mutated Infection is debuffed / expired

Sticky Ooze: The Ooze sprays a puddle of Green Goo near the target. The Green Goo inflicts 2925 to 3075 damage every 1 sec and decreases move speed by 50%. 1 sec cast
Weak Radiating Ooze - The Radiating Ooze inflicts 3413 to 3587 damage to enemies within 10 yards every 2 sec, it will also cause the Little Ooze to merge with other nearby Ooze.
Big Ooze: Spawns with the first Sticky Ooze, a Sticky Ooze can merge with the Big Ooze and adds a stack of Unstable Ooze. Two Big Oozes can merge and combine their stacks. When the Ooze reaches 5 stacks it will explode.

Unstable Ooze - Increases damage dealt by 20%. Instant
Sticky Ooze - The Ooze sprays a puddle of Green Goo near the target. The Green Goo inflicts 2925 to 3075 damage every 1 sec and decreases move speed by 50%. 1 sec cast
Unstable Ooze Explosion - Inflicts 9750 to 10250 damage to enemies within 6 yards. 4 sec cast
Radiating Ooze - Inflicts 4388 to 4612 damage to enemies within 10 yards. Instant

The Fight:

This looks to be a green oozetasitic fight. Well from the vid, first thing of note is the room likely closes behind you. It also spews out green ooze you'd stay out of, and it seems to only do 1/4th ish of the room, going randomly, but all 4 must be covered first before re-randomizing.

Anyways, for boss itself, tank in center. There's the spray which is a random target frontal cone, scatter or move to the tank to point away from raid.

His trick is that gives you mutating infection, it expires/dispelled, you get drop Small Ooze. So like Grobbulus, don't instant cleanse, instead, take it to your dedicated OT and dispel it there. He will OT the Small Ooze, dps can ignore it unless achievement or something. The OT will just keep it occupied, maybe kite a bit as it spits green ooze puddles out too.

When 2 (or more) oozes get close, they combine into one Big Ooze. This the OT wants to kite, as it does more damage as more are merged. But at 5, it stops and "explodes". Well, sends out "Shadow Crash" like ooze rockets. Basically hitting the area where you were when you were targetted. Just have to move away. And if the raid is all in the center, that's where all of them will hit, so everyone move.

That's about it to the fight.

I highly suggest you watch the video from the link below, especially tanks.

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Rotface Strategy
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